To Endorse or Not Endorse; that is the question

When we endorse something we take a stand and say “I do”, ‘I agree”, “I concur”, “I’m with you”. It’s a serious statement. It carries with it risk of association and in certain cases holds us up to be judged, criticized and sometimes far worse:

The apostles endorsed Christ: They were persecuted and murdered.

The Buddhist Monks endorsed Freedom for Tibet: They were cast from their homeland and killed.

The Freedom Riders endorsed civil rights: They were attacked and beaten

The American colonies endorsed Liberty: They fought a war and thousands died

I’m glad I don’t see any bullets, flames or boiling pots of oil in the future for people who endorse an organization that exists only to serve people affected by poverty, lack of education, conflict, abuse, sickness and loss. Yet I know there may be consequences for those that do. There may be fallout. It requires some courage to take a stand for what you believe in.

I’m not afraid to ask again and again for the 100 endorsements Orchids needs. It’s feels like a lonely cry in the woods but I’d rather fail crying than never cry at all.

Please join with me and endorse what Orchids is trying to do today to announce your stand and cry out against poverty and injustice.

Thank You and God Bless,




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