The road is now flat but the experience uplifting

whatever it takes to keep going

Hey Everyone

I am in the city of Astorga and I had a really amazing day today. I was walking along and out of the middle of nowhere there was a cottage and a man named David. He offered food and drink to people just for a donation. if you could pay you did and if not it was fine..He was a really spiritual man and I think the first I met on all the Camino who really understood what the Camino is about. The last few days I walked alone most of the time, Every so often, for just a few minutes, somebody might join me. I passed most of the people with whom I had walked or they passed me. During the first 14 days I saw the same faces but now everyday there are new faces. Today my heart was really touched when I heard the story of a German man, who came here to take the Camino, because his new born daughter survived a complication at birth. He walked out of gratitude.

he walked out of gratitude


Over these last days I feel that I have felt the need for solitude and I am not often with the people from the beginning of the journey. Back then I spent a lot of time with Big John from Montana, but I haven’t seen him since we had dinner together 2 days ago For 3 days the road has been tedious and full of monotony as it is a main thoroughfare and not terribly spiritual. At to that a flatland horizon that never appears for 100Km and you get the picture. Can you imagine-you see 2 km of flat and then a small hill, and you pass over it only to see another 5 km of flat:)))-this makes you crazzzyyyy. I have now walked over 500 km.

and the journey continues


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