The Princess A Warrior the Orchid and It’s Hummingbird

Orchids dear friend and partner Washington gibaja tapia of Path of the Heart Peru sent us this story in gratitude for what You as a root and supporter of Orchid  made possible for the people of the Andes last year. It is remarkable that this Incan fairytale so wonfderfully captures what Orchid and it’s sponsors demonstrate as part of a combined mission. To be a wellspring of love and hope and overcome all obstacles in the name of compassion, giving and love. Thank You

From tales of Sipas Warmy:

Then Pachacutec started to tell her this story and all of the beings that joined her rested and listened attentively to what he narrated:
“Once upon a time, a great young warrior was admired and loved by all.  During an awards ceremony for the Inca King’s army that returned victorious from a campaign, one of the Inca princesses Wakanki noticed the young officer and fell in love with him.
It was not long until the Inca King was informed of this love and he was enraged by the audacity of a commoner soldier to seek the attention of a noble.  The King immediately ordered his arrest and execution.
The beautiful Inca princess interceded with the love she had for this young warrior.  Not wanting to break the spirit of his daughter the Inca, son of the Sun, spared the soldiers life but instead sent him with a small party of men to appease a rebellious zone in the interior of the conquered territories.
The Inca knew very well how impossible it was to accomplish the mission and that the death of the officer was certain.  The maiden, upon hearing the drastic decision of her father, ran after the war party and  followed the tracks of her beloved, weeping uncontrollably.
As her tears touched the forest floor beautiful flowers took root and sprang up appearing all around her and the people living in the forest called them the Wakanki orchids.  The princess was so enchanted by their appearance she decided to transform herself into an orchid of the same species that sprung from her tears so no one could ever find her.
Without knowing it the warrior beset by the grief of being sent away had transformed himself into a hummingbird and as he was wandering the forest alone he found his princes love where he remained with her forever and they lived in perfect bliss.
What an incredible story, Mr. Pachacutec -said Sipas Warmy.  I wish my tears could turn into orchids and in so doing give root once more to the love of those human beings who defeated all obstacles.
Let us continue -suggested Pachacutec, for with so much love and joy nothing is impossible.

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