“The Almighty is his guiding light in all its activities”.

Those words open the latest letter from our beloved Milton Torres and his Mahanaim Mission in the Cordoba district of Colombia making it clear that your work is His work and His work like yours is the work of LOVE.

In the investment report sent to Orchid Milton tells us “We are enjoying the benefits of electricity service throughout the program and video projections and music allow us to provide better service for the children and the community involved in the project. Thank you very much for your participation beloved brothers in our ministry development.”

When Orchid was on the ground in Cordoba in 2011 that was all there was; “Ground”. Now that same earth is providing work, food, shelter and education to the people living on it. In just two years the Roots of Orchid helped the miracle that is Mahanaim begin to transform this abandoned community into a bastion of self-sufficiency fueled by the commitment of the people living there to develop every asset into it’s maximum potential.

Milton tells us in his letter; “Right now we are moving in the investment of the room. Dear sponsors you know that the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force alone. Each development plan in the Kingdom are presented with obstacles but God is not enough to leave all the work of their hands and give us your grace to fulfill its purpose. Our call involves reaching difficult areas and conditions and those are the characteristics that inspire us to be very brave and courageous to keep her vision.”

Cordoba is a very dangerous area and the work that continues there is so important to the lives of the women, men and children affected by that violence. Mahanaim is bringing more than hope to this community; they are affecting change and with help from Orchid Roots a transformation is taking place as you help the courageous accomplish their mission.

Orchid roots made this construction possible

All of us need help in one way or another and we all play our role as a Christian community when we leverage our gifts and assets together to make a difference. You can play your role by adopting and becoming an advocate for the Mahanaim 2013 grant request. http://orchidsoflight.org/our-partners/mahanaim-barranquilla-colombia-2/ today and bring a playground into this world where children have so little.

Last years donations are still making an impact as the building project is underway with the men of the community supplying the labor to complete the transformation. Mahanaim is a shining example of how existing assets are leveraged to magnify the donations of our angel roots.

Milton writes: “As you can see from the pictures the arrival of building materials forces us to use all necessary means of transport: man, animals, truck and tractor, and because it is God’s work is not always available to workers but God never stops”. and “We continue to pray and believe that your whole management for the Kingdom of God will receive generous compensation from the faithful and righteous God who calls us to participate in his Kingdom.”


Orchid hopes to continue providing this wonderful assistance to the people Mahanaim is working with all across Colombia and with your help we can continue to erect examples of how with God’s help all things are possible. His hand is at work when your hands have action and when we all remember we are called to service and love. When this happens we deliver His message of Love.

That message may arrive in the back of a pickup or on the back of a donkey but it is the same. That we are all called together to make a difference with our hearts and our gifts as they have been given to us so that the gifts of the people at missions like Mahanaim can take root.

work continues with your help

The Thank You is real and the result another transformation made possible by your love, compassion, and direct involvement in this communities evolution from stem to stunning. Thank You!

The flowers you cultivate assemble in thanks




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