Rainbows and Romans

Came down from the mountains today – sounds biblical, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Except, we walked for about 15 km with a full double rainbow directly in front of us. Most of the time the rainbow was centered over a little medieval village on a hill. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, and it was not raining – only a very little mist when we got nearer to the village.

The country here is strikingly similar to Pullman Washington. It is surprising, but I have met no one from PA or NY, but about ten people from various parts of Washington state and each of them mentioned the similarity to there hometown.

Saw many, and I do mean many medieval churches and bridges. Today we crossed a Roman bridge from the 11th century. Amazing that something can stand for a 1,000 years  and still be in good shape. Our journey has reached Estrella, which is a larger town. Yesterday we stayed in Puenta Reina, which is named after the spectacular bridge. All of these towns have massive fortifications, usually built around the church, from the time of the wars with the Moors.

Body is holding up well, but today I got blisters on one of my heels. US Air lost the bag that had my needle and thread, but someone was kind enough to ¨thread¨ the blisters for me. I´ll treat it well and should be able to continue on tomorrow. I walked today with a woman from Sweden and a man from Houston – via NJ. Every day we seem to start chatting with someone different and end up walking with them. Ana walked again with our friend Jose and everyone else.  She is very outgoing and no one can avoid ¨HOLA, I am Ana from Slovenia!¨


Miss you all, and can´t wait to see Con is Madrid in just over a week. Hope Lilly and everyone else is doing well. Out of time.


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