“Orchids of Light Farm” open for Transformational Occupancy

Hummingbird Farm gets a new name and a new lease on life.

Now she will try and help raise some of the money Orchid needs to keep transforming communities around the world.

You can find her here on VRBO and reserve your wonderful getaway experience and transform the world at the same time.

Set to be sold in the spring of 2015 the owners decided that this house of love and romance should have a stab at making the world a better place for communities trying to make a go of it in a world that isn’t kind to the very poor.

So now her doors and arms are open to old and new Orchids of Light who would like to get away from it all.

Every extra dollar renters spend in addition to the farms published rates is tax deductible.

Come and experience this place of special beauty and serenity and make the world a better place while you do.


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