Orchid Lights Up a Solar Powered Classroom in Peru


It’s no secret that Orchid has a laser focus on providing renewable energy to the men, women and children of the Andes.

Thanks to the tireless work on the ground of Path of the Heart Peru (POTH) and the love and support of our board member Christine Robinson Hallenberg and all her California Orchid’s of Light sponsors, 2014 was a banner year for progress on this front.

Following in the footsteps of successes that included lighting an entire community and providing a solar  heated water system in 2012 and 2013 respectively, this year saw the erection and deployment of a solar  powered classroom complete with laptops and internet.

It was the dream of POTH to make this gift possible to the community of Tio Grande in the town of  Calca. Here there are 65 children that attend the school supported by 3 teachers and a director. The school has 3 classrooms + a storage room, as well as 1 living space for the teacher.

The project was completed on October 30th and along with the panels to power the classroom Orchid was able to deliver enough computing equipment to make a difference in the way these children are educated.

The items included five laptops and the software necessary to run them. It wasn’t long before the children were taking self-photos with the webcams and they quickly learned how to access the educational programs, and it was difficult to get them to stop doing the multiplication games on the computers!

According to POTH this project will bring a great value to the community of Tio Grande, and the children will now have access to technology to enhance their learning.

Our on the ground man around the Sacred Valley Washi Gibaja Tapia was there to usher in a new era for this community.

As in projects past “Washi”  sent back explicit details on all the expenses incurred to make this dream a reality. It may come as a surprise that all of this was accomplished with only a $7500.00 grant. We’re proud of our Orchid Sponsors for accomplishing this wonderful project in 2014 and we’re blessed with their trust and generosity.

Thank You to all our Orchid’s of Light in California who made this miracle possible.


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