Now that’s Different….

How often do you wake up in the morning with a burning desire to make a difference?

It’s a question I ask in all sincerity and realize of course that our initial humble response might be “no; not really”.

I’m willing to bet however that our conscious response isn’t portraying an accurate cogitation. My guess is that in fact we wake up every day with the sole purpose of ONLY wanting to make a difference. We just don’t know it because by the time the day begins and we actually start making that difference we forget what motivated us to do so in the first place.

For instance; if you’re like me and have a young child you start plotting how you will make a difference as soon as your eyes open.  You think about what you have to do that day so that kid of ours will have the opportunity to grow a day wiser. We begin each day planing out his or her evolution and continue to do so until they finally leave the house and strike out on their own. That’s a lifetime of waking up with a burning desire to make a difference.

If you don’t have kids and even if you do, your job is a catalyst for change in the world even if it is only a means to transform your own condition. I would dare to say that we all wake up every morning subconsciously aware of the fact that at the end of the week the monetary remuneration we receive from performing our labor has the real potential to bring us from point A to point B at least financially. A career is made up of a lot of difference making years. Is yours?

And hey let’s not forget about when we become teenagers and young adults. For some of us this is when we feel the greatest need to make a difference. This is the time we identify most with our independence and in one way or another making some kind of a difference is the only way we can leave a mark of who we are on an otherwise un-noticing world. What do you remember of that time and how you forged a signature in history?

Maybe you are lucky enough that your career is over and the kids are all grown up and you may even be thinking that this is the best time to get more deeply involved in making a difference in your own community or possibly in a more global setting. Has this thought made its way into your stream of consciousness?

All this then begs the questions; could it be that all we ever do is think about how we can make a difference? Might it be that making a difference is actually the secret reason for our existence? Is it possible that an un-natural explosion of happenstance that set about the greatest difference in the Universe continues to this day in our human expression? And could it just as likely be that an unseen hand wanting to make the ultimate difference set up a creation to always empower positive change? Either way the answer is the same. We all have a natural burning desire to transform the world.

What do you think? 


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