“Julies Heart Mission” captures rain and quenches thirst

It didn’t take long thanks to a few Orchids of Light who wanted to help a community in Uganda harvest the rain and provide drinking water for the children who used to have to walk over 5 miles every day to find water.

Mathew Biryomumeish; Director of the Katungu Village Project writes: “Hello to the members of orchid of light  foundation! Thank you for
the big change  you made in the lives of the Katungu needy and orphan children’s project Uganda (sunrise school Uganda). These children have been travelling very long distances looking for water and they used to spend many days with out washing and bathing due to the lack of this precious resource. Now after installing  a water tank,  these problems are significantly reduced as we collect enough rain water during the rainy season from our classroom roof.”

This special award came from your heart to Julies Heart and made its way to Kabale Town. Thanks to all the Orchids of Light who made it possible!



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