Jeremiah House forges ahead in spite of political unrest

The Jeremiah House is open for miracles and their 8 boys are thriving even with the challenging situation in Haiti. Berdy JeanMary; the centers director sent a sponsor update to assure everyone that the orphanage is functioning as usual thanks to the dedicated volunteers and staff in Haiti.

Berdy writes: “….our boys are safe and are being well taken care.  They have full bellies, a place where they are loved, they receive medical care when necessary, and they are learning about the love of Jesus Christ. All eight of the boys attended school last year and made wonderful improvements.  As you may remember, some of the boys had never been in school and did not know how to even write their name. By the end of the year all of the boys had made tremendous gains.  This was made possible not only by the teachers at their school, but also by the help given to them by their tutors who they met with after school. ….Although traditional schools are closed in Haiti due to the unrest here, we are still employing teachers at JHouse so that our boys can learn English, computer skills, and even musical instruments.  We want to provide a future for our boys, even when the current state of our country makes that difficult.”

Thanks to the amazing and growing list of Jeremiah Supporters this project is a testament to how God works through His people to make change and deliver His love. We at Orchid are happy we can play a small role in their success.



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