Is there Love in your Heart? Ask your Soul.

I wonder if we humans decided to make the physical organ of the heart the center of where our love emanates because we to afraid to consider the alternative.

In our non-denominational discourse was it more appropriate not to consider the divine as the source of our most important experience or were we also a little afraid to consider the implications.

“I love you with all my heart” is an offering many have delivered to their children, parents, spouse, significant other and sometimes no relation at all. But what does that mean really?

Does it infer that we care about them with everything that beating organ in our body has to offer (which some would argue is nothing) or are we really saying “I give all of the me that has nothing to do with flesh and bone to you. I give you my soul.

The unseen, the unknowable, the uncertain, the pure, the honest, the real. The divine. I give that to you.

If we ever start saying that ‘I love you with all my soul” we might open the world to the possibility that we all have one. That we are in fact a fragment of something more than the primordial ooze. We might cause our children to think that they are more than the biological sum of their parents parts.

Of course many might find fault with this concept. Some might argue I love you with all my mind. Well then why not just say that? If it’s only the electrical impulses that dance across your ganglia that motivates you then by all means just offer that.

However; maybe this thing called love, this all that is the best of us, comes from somewhere unseen. Maybe what we are experiencing  is the link from the temporal to the permanent; from the illusion to the truth.

Maybe it is a gift and the clue to who we really are.

Maybe you are in fact divine.

Maybe that’s why you have a Capacity for Community, Compassion and Sacrifice.

The CTK foundation believes in the Heart and Soul of Community.

In 2013 they are giving away $55,000.00 in grants to help non-profits complete their mission.

Now that’s what Orchid calls Soul!



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