“If You Want to Change the World Start with the Mirror”

I read the words that are the title of today’s post at 6:30 a.m. while getting my first shot of inspiration from Marc and Angels blog as I warmed up my day for what would be another test of how well I could organize my goals and do my best to accomplish something positive for my family, my mission and myself.

My first question is; what do you think about “the mirror”? Is it really the first place we should look for transformational change?

The next question is; “how will changing the person in your mirror make the world a better place or maybe more importantly the reflected life you are looking at a transformed life?”

The final question then follows; “Do you believe you are a work in progress?” If you do, how are you progressing? Do you have a goal with regards to Philanthropy that remains allusive?

If you agree that changing ourselves or maybe “finding our true selves” is the key to changing the world what would you need to find and then change first?

If you are reading this post it may be because something in it reflects something of you. I hope so and if it is “what is that reflection and what could make that reflection even more beautiful?”

Philanthropies mission is to transform lives by love. What mission are you working on? Health Care, Education, Women’s Empowerment, Displaced People, Christian Outreach, Community Development, Disaster Relief, or Child Rights and Advocacy?  Are you a person who wants to be part of any of those transformations? What would you need to do to start?

I guess it would help if we had a magic mirror like the one in Snow White; one that would constantly give us constructive feedback even when it wasn’t just trying to make us feel good about ourselves.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall how well do I answer the call?”

Of course we are our best mirrors and no piece of glass can do a better job of seeing inside ourselves than we can. The real challenge in looking at our inner mirror is the difficulty in making an action follow the reflective truth.

It’s hard to take a look if you are afraid of what you might find but it’s even harder to step away from the mirror and then practice the philanthropy you discovered.

I hope you will have a look in the mirror today and begin the change for the person you see staring back that will ultimately transform our world into a better representation of creation.






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