Here comes 2013…….Now what?

This is a question as the President and co-founder of Orchid I ask myself virtually every day. I have mountains of notes and digital “to do” lists everywhere in my database. A day seldom goes by without my adding to them as I learn another nuance to what it takes to survive as a non-profit foundation.

In the last 2 years, 400,000 non-profits have lost their non-profit status and the trend is growing. Waiting to receive our 501C3 and still not having confirmation after investing thousands of dollars in legal fees and countless hours of documentation development is certainly one of our core disappointments and Orchid does not delude itself into thinking that our survival is a slam dunk. That basket is a major moving target. Our donors are generous and compassionate selfless individuals but we can not continue to seek out funds without offering this tax deductible attribute.

So what is Orchid going to do differently in 2013 and what successes will we build on from 2012? As Shakespeare so aptly mused; “that is the question”.

For starters we intend to kickstart our college outreach program and solicit help from fraternities and sororities that are keen on providing service to the global community. Orchid wants to enlist three colleges this year to participate in design and fundraising activities for specific project initiatives at each of our communities. Do you know of any worthy candidates?

We will focus more of a spotlight on our partners as opposed to on Orchid and create a first hand relationship between our donors and our charities.. After all it is their story we want to promote and their mission we desire to serve. In order to do this we intend to deepen our ties to them and share more of their experiences in real time. We will ask them to add to our content and leverage their experience with the Orchid team. Would you like to be one of our global community journalists? We have a place for you.

Orchid will be more aggressive in adding talent to our volunteer staff. We know that without a larger dedicated team capable of generating the ideas and having the time necessary to implement our goals we will not grow and we will not fulfill our mission. Do you have a gift you can share with Orchid? Tell us about it and let’s work together!

The foundation will spend more time talking with theological institutions that are looking for an organization they can trust and that connects them more intimately to the men, women and children they support. Our communities have Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and non denominational leadership. Are you a person with a spiritual flame? Would you like to help launch this important outreach program?

We intend to expand our social media reach by attracting tweeters, bloggers, web-site copywriters and more brain-stormers by doing a better job of having two way communications and seeking constructive feedback. Are you a social butterfly? How about showing us your wings and becoming part of the discourse?

We will be talking to our board of directors and making sure they have the time to participate in our efforts. If need be we will make the appropriate changes and seek advisers who share a passion with the Orchid vision. Are you a leader in business or your community? Do you have what it takes to be a board member? Please let us know if you think so. We need you.

Orchid plans to develop it’s first video and use multimedia in a broader capacity. We intend to update our website and make it more compelling and dynamic. We want to enlist talent that includes individuals who love film, video, photography, and music. Are you one of these communication artists? Would you like to have a canvas for your work? Let us know.

Our intention is to join forces and alliances with other foundations and non-profits that have a common purpose to ours and can help us promote our volunteer placement program, Orchid Experience travel packages. and online store. Are you someone who loves travel? Do you have a desire to find and promote volunteers? Ever dreamed of starting an online store selling products from around the world? We have a challenge for you.

Orchid intends to dip at least one crowd-sourcing toe into the waters of fundraising. Do you have a creative gift and want to share your thoughts? We’re listening.

Orchid is also not eliminating the possibility that we could merge with another already established non profit with the tax free status we need and the donor base we seek; as long as we can maintain our core mission to our communities and commitments to our sponsors. If this opportunity manifests itself we will begin a dialogue and see what potential an alliance of that type would yield. If you are a member of such an organization feel free to contact us.

With regards to the successes we will build on; they include our remaining steadfast to our commitment to give away 100% of the money we raise to the people we raise it for and once we receive our tax free status we will seek out founders to make us a profitable institution. Orchid will nurture our existing relationships and remind our supporters that they are Orchid and it is their roots that provide the footing for our stem and it is their flower that blooms in each heart of the human lives they touch. Orchid will remain dynamic and active and create campaigns that are compelling and tell a human story.

Orchid will complete and publish the book of it’s genesis and collaborate on an online game that we hope will help raise some much needed founder funds and extend  our reach to a larger audience that we had in 2012. Are you a publisher or the next Stan Lee? Let us know about your superhero capabilities.

In the end Orchid will focus on outcomes and not outputs. We will breathe with compassion and work to accomplish our core mission. We will leave whatever footprint in the sands of change that life intends and we will ask for a Universal hand to guide us in every step. If you feel that hand on your shoulder by all means extend your hand in our direction.

What will you do in 2013?

Why not become a Root of Orchid; share your gifts and help keep the dream alive.







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