Got change? Be the Change…


Would you give up .30 cents a day if you could help lift 1 billion children out of poverty?

My guess is that you are laughing and saying: “of course; who wouldn’t if that were possible?”







Well it is and you can help prove it.

.30 a day for one year adds up to just over $100.00.

One hundred dollars from twenty five people = $2500.00

That $2500.00 gets matched with $2500.00 by one very generous company.

The resulting $5000.00 gets Media Voices for Children closer to finishing the film that will show the world how a tax of 1/10 of 1% of what Wall Street transacts daily can raise 1 billion children out of poverty.

But we can’t make the movie and tell the story unless you toss up the .30 per day in advance and be one of the twenty five. Once you join the movement you can challenge four friends to join you by advancing their pennies to help billions.

And get this! When you make your donation you are in the running for a free overnight on Martha’s Vineyard if we find the twenty five people like you.

Five of you have stepped up already and we just need twenty more by July 15th.

Are you willing to let go of .30 cents 365 times?

Got change…….


Make change…….


Be Change……


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