Cramps, Grapes and Miracles along “The Way”…

Hello Orchid Roots! I am in the town Villafranca Del Bierzo. It is a very nice town and I just had a dinner. Today I experienced another miracle. I had a severe calf muscle pain and after suffering a long time I started thinking how nice will be if I could only get a massage. I gave up on the idea and resolved myself to the pain as I reached my hostel. When I arrived met an Italian woman whose name was Albina. She saw I was in pain and she offered to give me a massage. I could not believe it. She fixed my cramp and it was so very kind of her and I am really grateful for that.

rubbing out the strain of "the way"

In fact I am really grateful for every step. Today I walked around 27 km and all the time I was in the middle of wine country and surrounded grapes ready for harvest. I ate a lot and I said to myself that I never ate grapes this good before as the ones I enjoyed along “the way”.

to many to count

Honestly sometimes I feel lonely, because I don’t want to bond to closely with the people I encounter day to day. It’s not to be anti-social it’s because I am afraid their way will influence mine. I can share with you all that along the road many people develop some kind of relationships where they start the same time in the mornings, walk together, stop in the same places to get a coffee, have lunch and dinner together and are never alone. It is their decision and their journey; but it is not for me. Sometimes I feel bad because I left some nice people behind me, and maybe I will never see them again, but if I want to be just alone with ME, then I must make that tough decision. Maybe you can understand this feeling I have, maybe not. This is the first time I decided to make “The Way” My Way. I can listen to my inner voice and just me and my wishes.

in the circle of self

Now I have around 180 km left to reach to Santiago de Compostela, and around 300 km to Fonisterra, so I have already completed around 600 km of my walk. My blisters are muuuccchh better but people who see them for the first time are surprised. One day about 10 days ago Big John looked at my blister and told me “Oohh Ana it look so good, and he was happy for me, because he knew how they looked before but later that afternoon one Spanish man came by and he was in shock when he saw how big the blisters were.
So this is a little letter from me, I will try to write you again soon if it will be possible to catch the internet.

no choices are wrong...they are just choices


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