Computer Labs in the Andes 2014


 The villages of the high Andes in the sacred Valley are very isolated and lack access to public services. In particular, access to education is extremely limited. Very few children who live in the rural communities are able to attend secondary school. Young children walk up to two hours just to attend elementary school. The closest secondary school is several hours from many of the impoverished villages nestled deep in the highlands. Children who do have the opportunity to attend high school are often sent to live in larger towns where a school exists. They are faced with not only a different education style, but the additional challenges of living away from home, and adapting to a new community. Needless to say, they are starting at a disadvantage.

These children are often behind in their learning. One major reason is the lack of quality education materials for teachers in the remote villages. This grant seeks to alleviate this concern, and provide up to date, modern teaching methods to teachers so that they can engage children on a higher level. Students will be more excited about learning, and will have more opportunity. Those that continue on to high school will be better prepared to learn in a modern environment. 

This proposal will provide 5 laptop computers, educational software and a solar panel system for charging to each school. Teachers will be trained and responsible for the mini computer lab which will be provided to their school.


Equipment will consist of:

·       (5) Name Brand (Dell, HP, or similar) laptops suitable for education

·       Educational Software (appropriate for language and grade level)

·       Solar Panel System:

·       320W Panels

·       400 ah Batteries

·       20 amp Controller

·       750W Inverter

Total Cost per School: $6,500


This grant will seek to work with an existing Peruvian NGO, Willka Yachay, to implement the program in a school that they have built and manage. All equipment and software will be purchased by POTH and presented to the village as a partnership with Orchids of Light Foundation. The total budget and overall project will be managed by POTH. Willka Yachay will donate their management time and experience to help create and implement the training and management program with the teachers. This model created at this first school will then be replicated in many other schools in the Andes Mountains.  POTH would be happy to implement the project in one school for $6500 but if it is possible to bring this to more than one school it would make a tremendous impact in the lives of many children who may not ever progress beyond their village without this opportunity.


All work will be documented with photos and or video, and will be presented on the POTH and Orchids website. Media reproductions will be available for online use.


Grant Total Request: 5 Schools – $32,500


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