Bob and Ana make day two……a little wounded

we are having a very good time as long as I forget about blisters. So I now realize how heavy my backpack is and that revelation includes the fact that I am suffering a little bit. This is a far more challenging than I expected including the V8 moment of having to take care of the few clothes you can carry every time you reach a destination. Of course there is the total unknown of where you will sleep and where you will eat after you end your ten hour trek. The awesome news is we met a lot of very interesting people is everybody very nice and they shere with you if you need something.
Yesterday we spent a lot of time going up hill and also today wasn’t easy. I am wery happy that I am finished for now.


We walked for 7 hrs today and made it about another 30km today. Everyone expected today to be much easier, and most planned to walk about another 5km to the next town but it was pretty warm and the effort of the first day left everyone tired at the start of today. Again I´m on a timed internet connection so I´ll have to be brief.
I have lots of great pictures and short video clips, but I´ll have to find a way to send them. The country and towns are fantastic. Things 500 years old are everywhere, and most of the small towns have stayed pretty much like they have been for centuries. The real treat is the people. Everyone is doing the same painful walk and people are very friendly. Have met people from every European and major Asian country including many Americans and it seems like as many Canadians as well. Everyone is ready with a ¨Buenos Dias¨(now that we are in Spain) and a ¨bon Camino¨, and is always ready to chat.

It occurred to me today that the ancient pilgrims were even more crazy than the American pioneers. They walked without abregues and great hiking shoes. Then when the got to the end – they had to walk all the way back home. In this day and age we get to take a train and plane back home. The Albergues serve a ¨Pilgrims¨¨ dinner which is usually quite good, for about 8 Euros. I´m certain that I´ve lost five pounds, and I´m probably burning 5,000 calories per day. More later. Hope everyone is doing well. Tell Lilly Hi for me.


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