Are you in over your head?

When someone asks us that question a lot of considerations come to mind. The answer is in fact different for each and every human being on the planet.

In the West we would likely consider how many things we have purchased on credit like a home or car or new TV or private school.

We might consider the job we are in; if we are achieving the financial goals we established for ourselves or if we have the gifts and training necessary to see measurable tangible results.

Some of us would consider our relationships with friends, family, a companion or spouse.

In the majority world it is the same with one marked difference. Virtually every man, woman and child is way in over their head when compared to you and me. They don’t have the luxury of contemplating if they spent to much on a college enrollment, automobile, big screen TV, spacious home or last nights cocktail bill.

They are all trying to keep their heads above a tsunami of challenge just to eat, stay warm and survive until tomorrow. I could sugar coat that truth but I won’t insult you. The world doesn’t have thousands of charities doing miraculous work everyday because there is no problem out there.

The truth is there is more suffering than there are solutions and each charitable organization that works around the world trying to help alleviate that suffering needs to exist.

Orchid is proud to be among those non-profits of the world by focusing on 13 of the tens of thousands of communities that need help. This month and especially on November 27th, GivingTuesday, we are trying to put solar hot water and lighting in one of them and expand a building by adding a school room in another.

Orchid invites you to participate in one or both of these initiatives, as you have so magnificently done with other campaigns over the past nine months, and make it possible for us to raise these two projects above water? A gift as small as $5 or $10 brings us closer to our goal.

100% of your support is always given to the program of your choice.

With your compassion and that of existing and new roots growing every day, Orchid will never be In Over its Head.

Thank You for your continued compassionate acts of Generous Support and Philanthropy.






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