Ana tastes her first test and continues on

Rich! 2 days ago I sent to you looong mail from mobile,because I catch free wifi, but It wasn’t sent. Yesterday I passed Burgos,and stayed in small town Tardajos,and today I will sleep in Castrojeriz. I’ve had a tooth infection for the last 3 days and finally yesterday I visited a dentist,and she prescribed antibiotics. Today I walked 30 km or maybe more and It was one of the hardest days since I started The Camino. Maybe the reason is because I am weak from the antibiotic.

Undaunted and Determined


I still have blisters,and my foot was bleeding today. Many people can’t understand how I can walk with such big blister. I think maybe I have an angel who takes care of me so I won’t give up. My days begin the same every morning. I wake up at 5.30-6, and leave the alberge around 6.30-7. Then I must walk usually around 2 hours to the next town,where I have breakfast and my first coffee.Than I walk until noon (sometimes I have one quick stop in the middle),when I have a snack and my second coffee,and then I usually walk another 2 or 3 hours: Usually I get to the next town around 3 p.m., and I take my shower, wash my clothes, and take a short rest until dinner. By 10:00 everyone is sleeping. Here there are many many people from USA.They come because they watched the movie “The Way.”. Many trekkers send their heavy back pack to the next city, by car and they sleep in hotels.I must tell you that this makes a biiigggg difference. Because if you sleep in alberge,you normally sleep with 20 to 60 people in a single room. At one point I shared a room with only 4 to 6 beds and once I slept with 78 people in the single space. We all take our showers together and my backpack is still very heavy. Today I walked with Peter from Ireland and 2 days before I met 3 Spanish guys, and I walked with the one named David almost all day. He also helped me find the dentist, and explained my problem to the doctor in Spanish. He was one of my angels, But today he finished his trip and he will skip some places, because he doesn’t have enough time to walk all 800 kilometers. A man I met; Peter, told me that the Camino is made up of 3 parts. The first part of walking tests you physically, the second mentally and the third spiritually.

I will try to send you all more emails,but here it is very difficult to find internet. I hope that you are all good, Hug


The beauty hides the pain along "The Way"


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