Ana discovers a fountain of wine

Ana wrote:

I am in Torres Del Rio and Bob stayed in Los Arcos.I had walked all day alone, and I had really good time.I walked around 29 km and tomorrow I hope that I will walk around 21 km.


I have still 2 big blisters on my foot, and every step is very painful.The nature here is very beautiful and it is very funny because when I wake up I must walk first and walk 8 km to find coffee and then begin my trek for the day. Today.I had breakfast along the road.I ate blackberries, figs, and some excellent grapes.Of course I also enjoyed a glass of wine. Along the way there was what appeared to be a church and when I got closer I noticed a fountain, the amazing part is was a fountain of wine!,


I opted for one beer instead and I am now on my way to eat dinner. The pain in my feet causes me to think about not just myself and I am reminded of the importance of “surrender”.  Because I can Surrender or Quit. What I have learned however is that surrender is in good company for here most of us would not make it if it were not for help from strangers. Somehow in surrender we are delivered a savior along “The Way”. After all the Camino is about being saved so why would it be any different now than it was 500 years ago.


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