An $8000.00 Grant keeps the Stars of India Shining

The Mission leaders; Jaideep and Emily Jahav, write:

“Wow! This is quite a blessing. We have not yet dug the bore well, however we have put up a barb wire fence as a boundary around the property. Our contractor recommended not putting up a stone boundary wall until after building. This saved us close to $5,000 of what we were anticipating for the pre-construction costs, and the concrete posts and barb wire are resell able. Jaideep hired Bhatt men and boys to help with this project, giving them additional income as summer months are slow for the tourism industry. We have recently found out that the bore well may not cost as much as we originally projected, but a lot of it depends on the underground water level, and we won’t know that until we start digging. So this $8,000 should be more than enough for the well. In connection with the bore well, we will need to construct an underground water storage tank to store the water that is electronically pumped from the well.

Apart from the children’s home/boarding school project, we have been working closely with individuals in the Bhatt communities. Jaideep goes regularly to the gym that he set up in the colony for the men as a way of encouraging them to invest in physical fitness in place of degrading habits. Emily invites a small group of children to her home 2 days a week for English and math lessons to compliment what they are learning in school.

It is good to know that we are not forgotten and we will work to do our part to communicate the vision and passion behind our mission.”

Blessings Jaideep and Emily



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