A new Throne Room for the Children of Cerete is completed!


It didn’t take long for the men and women of Cerete to put Orchid’s $3000.00 grant to good use. The materials were purchased and the trucks arrived bringing hope and celebration with them.

The gifts were unloaded as if it were Christmas and the Elves go to work!






Then the labor began in earnest as the fathers of the children who would have showers and a hygienic facility for their day to day use got to work preparing the land for the building.

It wasn’t long before bricks and mortar could take their rightful place on the foundation built by the sweat of hope and brow of appreciation.

Now there was dignity on the land and the community took another step forward in joy to appreciate what has been done in His name.






Milton and the Mahanaim community in Cerete send their heartfelt appreciation to the Orchids of Light who made this Throne Room a Kings treasure.



Milton Writes:

Beloved brothers. 

Rich Geisel, family and Orchid Light Foundation. 

We hope that the abundant grace of God fills you greatly every day of your lives and activities. 

I send you this report to inform you of the progress of the work with the community and investment in infrastructure. We are sending photographs that you can appreciate the spiritual, physical and recreational activities with children and young people and their constant in order to participate with each stimulus you send. 


Construction of the baths for the children is taking shape, they are very happy and expect to be able to start using them soon. 

The summer has been very intense but they are happy to know that they can have a place where they have fresh water and can become clean. This is a great comfort, plus they can relieve themselves while we gather. 

Family thank you very much! 

You are such channels of God’s blessing for many communities. The Lord always be your reward! 

We continue to report on completion and inauguration. 

best regards, 

Milton E. Torres F, Family and Ministry





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