A Flood of Hope in the Sacred Valley


A message from the Sacred Valley on the accomplishments already being made:

Dear Friends,
First, once again my gratitude to PATH OF THE HEART (www.pathoftheheart.org) and to all of you for letting me being part of this magnificent opportunity to share the needs to the families who were affected by the flooding in Ollantaytambo’s native communities and the transformation happening now.
This morning we left Cusco around 4:00 a.m. in the morning when it was still dark. The arrival to the first community, Tanqac, was around 7:00 a.m.
The families were there waiting for us in the cold, because all they had at that moment was a tent that the government had provided to them.
At this moment they are sleeping on the ground with one blanket and it was so sad to see the little babies having to be in that situation.
They didn’t have much food. Then we shared with them all that we brought with your help. These families were just grateful to you and emotional enough that we saw their tears from both the ladies and gentlemen.
Then I said to them “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best and good never dies.” At that moment they started smiling, because the positivity on their side started to show and they spoke so many positive things.
Today we have visited and shared to approximately 70 families in Tancac, Phyri, Pallata, Chucllaracay and Ollantaytambo area.
Thanks so much for your positive contribution to the families. We will always continue to do our best to help the needy families. Today we had a great team, Alicia, Elizabeth, Felix, Armando, Santos and Pedro.
Please continue supporting any unexpected urgent need in this part of Peru.
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