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Katungu Village Project Aims High

Campaign for Safer Dormitories  Our end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 focus is on our mission in Uganda; Katungu Village. Orchid has been a proud sponsor of the project since our inception in 2012. Working with a very tiny budget and with limited resources, Katungu continues to demonstrate a unique capacity to leverage what […]


Orchid’s supports transformative social change in Health Care, Children’s Rights, Christian Outreach, Displaced Peoples, Community Development, Education, Empowerment for Women, Youth Leadership, Volunteer Placement, Sustainable Agriculture, Hunger Alleviation, Housing, Renewable Energy, Adolescent Addiction and Disaster Relief. We connect you directly to the men and women performing the miracles on the ground and to the global […]

JULIE’S HEART: Where Hope Springs Eternal

Julie’s Heart” is a place where requests for help from around the world can be seen and heard. These are stories from missions not yet a part of Orchid’s full-time focus, but ones that have caught our attention. Our late co-founder, Julie Beliel, believed that the breath of hope needed to be shared as soon as the work was manifested, so we honor her dream by doing just that. You can be a part of these stories. Just open your heart and find your place in Julie’s.

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  • Sunrise Village Dormitories

    WE BELIEVE IN YOU! CHECK  IT OUT…. The building will be a two story structure which shall house girls on the first floor and boys on the ground floor. All together the dormitories will house over 250 students once complete! The plan is to have a phased construction. (a) We first construct first construct the lower […]

  • Volunteer Equity

    Orchids plans to seek out and place volunteers needed by partner communities to provide services unavailable within the host community itself. These placements will include when applicable a one‐time-fee payable by the volunteer for placement. This fee will go directly to the community where the volunteer is working.

  • Intellectual Equity

    Orchids recognizes that some skill assets don’t yet exist in many of the communities we support. Architects, Lawyers, Financial experts, Business leaders, Accountants, Medical personnel, and IT specialists are just a few of the professionals who can make a huge difference in the development of a community working to achieve self-sufficiency. If you can make […]

  • Moral Equity

    Individuals, Church Groups, Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Therapists who desire to share their gifts with our communities are invited to donate their time and talent to improve the lives of the men, women, and children who request and desire to learn how they can develop and maximize their own individual gifts so they can […]

  • Donate

    Unlike other 501C3’s who apply 25-50% of the monies donated to salaries and overhead expenses, Orchid’s directs 100% of the donor’s capital to the specific project or individual selected by each investor and provides complete, transparent accountability for the entire investment. In so doing and by requiring our partners to meet Orchid’s value standards, the Orchids […]

  • Events

    Orchids of Light hosts fundraisers in a variety of locations across the country to benefit the communities we support. Find one near you!