When it comes to sheer will, and confidence on achieving goals, no one can argue that Miranda Stacy Burcham has what it takes. Miranda was accomplishing miracles long before her connection to Orchid, but adding our vision to her heart was a match made in heaven. Miranda has been serving the forgotten for a long time and her many year association with the people of Haiti has been changing as many lives there for the better that she can.

When Miranda heard the story of the launch of the Jeremiah’s House from it’s founder; Berdy St. Mary, she reached out to her fitness fans and issued the challenge. In less than a week she and her devotees have raised well over $30,000.00 for the launch and donations are still pouring in. Over 600 new Orchids of Light have lined up and delivered!

They literally Pushed Up the foundation of this new mission from their hands and knees!!

Miranda and her disciples have accomplished what no other Orchid campaign has in it’s history and we raise up our hands in gratitude to them and to the Lord for this incredible start. When you partner with The Kingdom anything is possible and when Miranda makes the call, the Lord and His people respond.



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