Made it to Pamplona….No Bull

Made it to Pamplona, a magnificent old city and the ¨capital of Basqe country¨. We are staying in an albergue right in the old city along the path where the bulls run. Body is holding up well, but feet are getting very tired. Temp is still going up near 90 in the afternoons, so we start walking at about 6:30 each morning. That means we are awake before six and start walking while it is still a little dark.

Today I must have gotten a little sun smitten, and thought about the Camino as a metaphor for life. You only take what you really need (since every additional pound makes it more difficult). You need help along the way (we have gotten lost in nearly every town where the trail markings are not very good) and have needed directions. You are in the Camino with everyone else, and everyone is hurting in some manner. And there was a beginning and will be an end. The last point is most important, since I am only walking for two weeks my end is more close than for most others who are doing the entire 500 miles and will need about 5 weeks.

We will probably go out to dinner at a real cafe tonight instead of eating the pilgrims meal. Been eating really well, but think I must have lost five pounds in the first three days. Miss everyone and hope to see you all soon.


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