Alan Fahrner

Web Production & Development
Alan Fahrner is one of the gurus of the Orchid website. He volunteered in early 2013 and has added his experience and talent since then. Since the early 1990s, Alan has worked at the intersection of operations and technology, spending most of his career with (including multiple years as Vice President of Operations). Although the last decade has seen most of his focus on management and customer relations, he enjoys keeping his hands “dirty” in IT nitty-gritty by volunteering for non-profits, churches, and friends. He now works as the leader of a quality assurance department for a company that shares his concern for and commitment to others, Kaiser Permanente. He also volunteers as a minister and has a bachelor of science in religion from Liberty University. But most importantly he has been blessed by a wonder wife, Michelle, and four great children, April, Jenn, Michael, and Augie (with 23 years difference between the oldest and youngest).