Who is the guest of honor at your table tonight?

Who will be at your table tonight? No doubt family and loved ones, maybe grandkids even. Certainly those you love the most.

The question is; will the one who loves you most also be at the table?

That’s the $64.00 inquiry I have been asked a lot over the last month. “Will I remember to invite Jesus to the table.” It is after all his birthday we celebrate tonight at midnight.

I work hard to make sure everyone I love knows I don’t walk around with a bible in my hand. It’s not because I don’t like the book it’s because I don’t want to scare people away from my table, but if I invited Jesus to dinner one night and he accepted I bet everyone I know would want an invitation to that table and they’d show up with at least one question they would want to ask.

I’ll bet all my friends would want to know everything about him. They would want to know about the future, the end of days, the accuracy of the bible, did he marry Mary Magdalene, is he really the son of God?

I would unlikely get a word in edge wise. I would be busy pouring wine, and making sure it was a vintage He liked. I’d want to be sure He was comfortable and knew where everything was in the house so He could make it His own. I wouldn’t be afraid He had any dietary requirements but would be certain to ask if He preferred vegetables to meat; and how did he like His cooked?

I would likely be cringing as each question was asked, one after the other, for fear it might be to personal and then especially when my friend Keith slapped him on the back and declared ‘This is my brotha Jesus” with a big grin and laugh of delight.

My guess is He would be laughing with us and wondering how we could have so many questions when He answered them all before so long ago. He wouldn’t offend us in any way; He would instead answer each one and then may be He would turn to me and ask; “Rich, don’t you have a question for me?”

Now I would be on the spot. I wouldn’t be prepared. All the best questions would have been asked and I would be very shy. I hope eventually I would have the courage to ask; “Do you know how much I love You?”

And He would answer; “Of course I do, why do you think I accepted your invitation.”

So go ahead, make Jesus your guest of honor tonight; He’ll be sure to show.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.



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