What’s Happening: M-Power

The “M” in M-Power stands for “Magic” and this Christmas the people of the CharcaHuaylla are dreaming that You and the Sun will supply it.

If you have a heart for the environment, renewable energy, self-sustainability, and children’s well being this is the perfect project for your support and with it make your Christmas wish for a better world come true. Orchids Roots like You pledged $2000.00 towards this project during November’s GivingTuesday and October’s Team Camino campaigns, and now we are just $3000.00 shy of making the dream come true!

Important 501C3 Tax Deduction information:

For this year end campaign Orchids wants to be sure that your gift will be 100% tax-deductible on your 2012 return if it’s important to you. Orchid’s is still awaiting approval on our 501C3 status and although we are confident it will come we regret due to delays at the IRS it may not come until fiscal 2013. Although we won’t be able to control 100% of your donation; when you click here you can rest assured the lions share will go directly to this project and you will receive the receipt you need for your tax return. http://www.pathoftheheart.org/donate-support/

If tax-deductibilty this year is not your primary goal but instead getting 100% of your money delivered to this project is then please click on our Donate button in the upper right of this page. The Orchid promise rides with your donation.

Either way you will M-POWER generations.

Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Rich Geisel,