What’s Happening: Team Camino

Join Orchid roots Bob and Ana. Their goal: to encourage 1,000 sponsors like you to contribute $5.00 or more to Orchids 1st ever #five4philanthropy fundraiser.

Welcome to the Odd Couple Team Camino Campaign and the story of Bob and Ana, as they make their way across northern Spain along the Camino de Santiago and invite at least 1000 sponsors to contribute $5.00 or more to this first ever #five4philanthropy fundraiser. YOU can join the trek by becoming a root of Orchid with your donation of support. 100% of your investment will be delivered to the men, women and children you can read about on our “communities” page and you can celebrate your compassion by helping these communities have the chance to write their own personal legend. We invite you to read Bob and Ana’s personal legend that will unfold on our blog so join the team today. Thank You from Bob, Ana, and all of us in the Orchid family!