Huruma Children’s Home

If You build it They will Grow

This year Huruma is working to tame the new land that was donated to them in 2012. Orchid loves whenever we can crow about Grow and Huruma’s dream is to replace the need to raise money for ongoing nutritional costs with their own organic farm that will provide all the food the children need well into the future. This is an ambitious undertaking but one that meets Orchids core intent to provide equity for projects that lift a community into a body of self-sustainability. Huruma has asked You to help them build a dam to humble the rains that fall in uncontrolled torrents during the flood season and capture those infrequent drops during periods of drought. This is the primary need to have a reliable source of agriculture. We join with them in this undertaking and know that with your help we can water the seeds of their vision and harvest a rainbow of self-sufficiency.