Strong Hearts Landfill Emergency Aide Needed

Orchid’s Strong Hearts Mission in Korah Ethiopia is at the front lines of providing emergency and long term assistance to the families affected by Sunday’s collapse of a fifty year old landfill that these impoverished people have to survive off of. These men, women and children rely on this┬ámountain of garbage to keep them alive. It has provided food, materials for recycling and building, and bare necessities for everything they have. Whole communities sprung up all over the facility to bring people closer to this unsavory savior made of waste. Homes were built alongside and on top of the trash.

I worked with these people in 2011 and during all my work that year never seen anything like it. There are no words or pictures that I can share that can bring you to within a mile of what it is truly like to live like this. Now the situation is dire as their savior has become their executioner. The mass has collapsed crushing homes and people and pushing lives out of existence.

Fortunately the mission that hosted me; Strong Hearts Ethiopia, is still providing assistance directly to these people and 100% of the aid they receive from Orchid goes to their care. Now more than ever before we need your help. We are trying to set up emergency shelters, food stations and medicine for the injured.

These families will not stay off this facility unless they have somewhere else to go and you can help provide for their immediate care by donating to this emergency cause. I know you want to help and here is your chance. No amount is to small. Please pray for the families and if you can spare some of your treasure please do.

Never forget that God blesses us so we can be a blessing.

Thank You…..Rich


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