Power to The People Right On

This morning after multiple midnight chatting sessions with friends The Orchids of Light Foundation added 8 more of a much needed 60 supporters to theoretically close the gap on the challenge that has continued to allude us for 12 days.

I waxed poetically about why so many people didn’t respond to helping a community in the Andes get some hot water and electric light in their village even when it cost nothing to help.

I eventually decided I just wasn’t explaining the problem succinctly enough or that potential supporters thought I was asking for yet another $5 or $10 for the umteemth time in the last nine months.

I suppose in the grand theme of things Orchid exists to be a conduit between a philanthropist’s donation and the communities we serve but this specific request was only to “endorse with Facebook” the concept of Orchid’s mission around the world and the primary goal was to extend the foundations message that it might reach an eye today that was interested in what we were doing and maybe in the future connect to the communities Orchid serves.

I thought of John Lennon and when he released “Power to the People” in 1971 with the opening lyric:

Say you want a revolution
We better get on right away
Well you get on your feet
And out on the street
Singing Power to the People

I reflected that these words urge us to motion, to claim our own power, to make a stand against injustice and to demonstrate that during our one trip on terra firma we can do great things as long as we are moved to action.

Today that action can be as simple as a fingers click of endorsement. So if you are out there reading this; whether you have heard of The Orchids of Light or not; sit down, kneel or stand up and take that action Lennon called us to.

Just click on the link below and “endorse with Facebook” and in doing so help Orchid send a thunderclap that is all about Power to the People Right On!

Thank You.



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