Orchid Team Camino – Bob Gentile

My Camino will not be for any religious or spiritual purpose. I’ve been fascinated with Spain since reading Hemingway and then Michener’s “Iberia”. We had an exchange student from Madrid who lived with us several times during his high school and college years. My wife Connie will meet me in Madrid after the Camino and we will visit with him and his family. I’ve been to other countries in Europe, but have never made it to Spain. I was fascinated by “The Way” and thought it would be great to walk the Camino de Santiago. When Orchids contacted me and mentioned that another friend of the founder’s was going, everything was put in motion for me to join her.

I have an intense interest in theology: Connie says that for a non-religious person I have read
more books on religion than anyone else she knows. I’m certain that I’ll find the experience of
the Camino, the culture, the people, and their religious thoughts fascinating. Along the way I’ll
have plenty of physical challenges and time for reflection. Maybe I’ll discover something about
myself, or have a personal revelation about something. If nothing else, I’ll see some beautiful
country and meet some interesting people.

When my friend and Orchid’s co-founder Rich Geisel asked me if I would be willing to dedicate
part of my walk to the people and communities they serve I was happy to say yes. If my journey
can help improve the lives of people who have to walk up to twenty miles every day just to find
water, wood and if lucky a day’s work then not only have I gained something special for me, I
have also provided for others along “The Way”……..