The Ganas Fundación – Quito, Ecuador

The Ganas Fundación was formed when a Quito physician went to visit a friend falsely imprisoned in Ecuador and discovered by chance that the country he lived in has a policy of sending the children of those convicted into the prison system as well. Once inside the walls there these children are used as collateral for favors and protection and they become the currency of crime.

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Not willing to stand by and allow this to happen Alex Ramiro Andrade Villacis set about securing a building where he could protect, educate council and support these lost lives. Alex provides this miracle of love without the help of any government assistance and relies on the kindness of his own Ecuadorian community and the world at large to provide the equity needed to serve these children. In addition to the money needed to pay for the professionals he employs to treat the psychological damage these children suffer as well as their day to day living needs Alex constantly looks for volunteers who have the background and experience to assist these councilors. Today this struggle is amplified as the Foundation has a very pressing need to find a new property where they can continue to provide a home for these 50 children.