Path of the Heart – Cusco, Peru



2017 Chocolatada Campaign

For the 17th year in a row, Path of the Heart will bring holiday joy to the impoverished children of the Andes with its annual hot Chocolatada. In the early years the teams used to walk to the communities and the same children helped them carry all the items; milk, chocolate, gifts, etc, when even rudimentary roads were not yet built. Now we can cover more ground but it is no easy task as machinery has to contend with mud and snow and rough trekking. Still they remain undaunted and bring this holiday cheer to over 3000 children, with resolute compassion. You can hep by making a contribution to help us fund this incredible gift of giving.

About Path Of The Heart

When a young boy from the sacred city of Ollantaytambo Peru struggles to survive by singing songs to passing tourists, a Canadian woman takes notice of his special gift and decides to give of herself and embrace him as her own. She sends him to school to become a guide in the Andes and upon his graduation Washington (Washi) Gibaja Tapia starts his own tour business and the not-for-profit institution Path of the Heart.

The same sense of philanthropy that gave him a chance at life and self-sufficiency was ignited in him and he dedicated his life to serving the children and the communities they live in. High in the Andes Mountains. Path of the Heart feeds over one-hundred poor children every day from the proceeds of Magical Tours Peru, contributions, and the books Washi has written about the Sacred Valley and the Incan civilization he is descended from. POTH reaches into the most remote places of the Peruvian high lands to bring food, clothing, medicine and education to the desperately poor. Each Christmas POTH assembles a caravan of aid bringing blankets and hot chocolate to the children most isolated from the world below. Path Of The Heart’s tireless effort to bring the basic necessities of life to these forgotten communities and free them from the slavery of poverty has resulted in countless numbers of children receiving the education they deserve and having their special gifts developed in a way that helps them live happy and productive lives. In many communities Path of the Heart has helped set up small businesses where the women of the village learn weaving and clothing making so they can sell their wares for a tiny profit and use the money to educate their children and put food on their table.