Asociación Mujerer Del Rio (Women of the River) – Bogota, Colombia

2017 Campaign:

Food, Clothing, Books, Dignity

The Women of the River, a group of all-women volunteers in the city of Bogota dedicated to the displaced people of Colombia, have their headquarters at 1998 40th Street South No. 96-04 Bario City, Galán. It is here that they provide all the services to the displaced children who range in age from two to five years old. These are the most vulnerable and at this outpost of hope they receive the care needed to know, learn, play, explore and interact appropriately with others to ensure their normal development. The all-volunteer network has no regular source of outside support to maintain this critical project and they continue to struggle to supply basic services. In 2014 we hope to raise another $5000.00 to help them provide basic needs for these kids that for us is child’s play but for them nothing less than a miracle.

About Asociación Mujerer Del Rio

When the Colombian government pays the rebels and paramilitary to stay out of towns and locations it selects as no kill zones with the land and money of villages where they have no interest, the local population of these villages are caught in the middle of a deadly chess game. These pawns of flesh and blood have two choices; side with one on the outlaw groups and die at the hands of the other or flee to Bogota and the slums of the city’s outskirts where they have no work, no dignity and no hope.

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Mujerer Del Rio is a group, run by mostly women, that works with the mothers and children of this slum, helping them avoid the retaliation of the fathers and husbands who suffer from a lack of self-worth. Going door-to-door, they work with each individual and provide a safe haven and outlet for the suffering of these people known as the Desplazados. With barely a nickel of outside assistance, they set up classrooms and kitchens, homes and hope, lavatories and love. Now that the slums are beginning to resemble streets, and just when Mujerer starts to make progress reeducating and rehabilitating these forgotten people, the government decides to put outlaws, now returning from the hills, into this same section of the city. Not women to quit, they have stepped up their effort to aid, assist and protect the children and women of this community under extreme duress.