Emergency Relief Campaign May 2023

Food and Medicine Needed




Floods in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda have devastated this part of Africa and our mission at The Sunrise Nursery School has experienced the loss of Life, Property, food, and medicine. We need to raise $2000.00 to help rebuild, rescue and restart the programs successes, many of which have been lost. We have sent $500.00 so far and delivered much needed grain for the children, but much more is needed.

How many people are hurt?
Currently there are 312 people/ families who have been affected directly and
indirectly over 700 hundred people in the community, their homes have been
destroyed, and their property.

How many homes are lost?
Over 200 homes have been lost

What exactly happened to the school and the buildings?
The school and the building are still okay, however since the dormitories are
dilapidated we are afraid that the next landslides may wash them down. The local
authorities have warned that the rains will continue and more landslides are
expected. The dormitories are our biggest fear now, if they collapse it may affect lives
and lead to the closing of the school.

Please help if you can. Thank You.