Christiana Children’s Home

2018 Campaign:

Expanding a Methodology of Success


Raise $50,000.00 to pave the way for the Christiana Children’s Home to receive Indian accreditation as an institute of higher learning so the program can develop and manage curriculum options that will graduate many more future productive members and leaders of Indian society.


Rajasekhara Babu Salagala’s Christian, middle-class upbringing and access to education made it possible for him to achieve whatever personal success and wealth goals he could have set for himself. Fortunately for the the families of the Bethany Leprosy Colony, he wasn’t interested in his personal gain.

Raj’s father had served time in prison during the English occupation, because he was an early follower of Gandhi and Indian self rule, and thus Raj understood the great needs of the impoverished people of his country. After graduation he immediately started serving the non-medical needs of the children in the leper colony and was soon facing a life decision around ministry or law. He chose ministry, and very soon thereafter a school for 22 children emerged where once there was none. Over the following 35 years the Christiana Children’s Home grew to accommodate 250 young minds and Raj’s ministry was graduating young people into many professions including; nursing, education, and computer science.

The school proved that anything is possible when you wrap your own teaching content into a legal body with all the necessary permissions and certifications as per the law of the land. Raj named the new project the Christiana Children’s Home and found foreign sponsors to help add infrastructure, build roads and drill wells in the surrounding communities. Raj shared with sponsors that “Christiana’s primary goal was to serve the children that are orphaned, destitute and are poor without discrimination”. 

Teaching a nation that the the lives of its people are not dictated by karma is a tall order but Raj is determined to do just that. The home has served over 2500 children in it’s history and they have all been taught that the only emancipator is quality education. The “Christiana Children Homes” is just a drop in the ocean of Indian poverty, but they are doing their best to help children by providing the emancipating Qualitative Education irrespective of any discrimination. Christiana provides this education and much more, free of cost, for those who are targets for child labor, trafficking and sent to the streets and railway stations for survival.