Listen to the Profound Silence

Forgive this pot for calling the kettle black but I was moved to write about the importance of silence being a part of our lives. I always imagine that everyone else is doing a great job of remembering, that without the emptiness of real silence life can not talk to us.

Maybe you are like me and find yourself looking for things to make noise whenever silence tries to creep into your space. Maybe it’s because like me you feel lost or out of touch; no longer in control and suddenly vulnerable.

Maybe like me you can’t understand why you can’t organize all the noise on that plate you stacked so high with responsibility and topped off with “want of more”. The last thing we want at that moment is silence. We’ve got to do something!

The trouble is we’re a little paralyzed in those moments and instead of taking a deep breath and being willing to shut out the noise and let the silence enter our space, we fight to jump back into the clanging and the gongs that are relentless and unforgiving.

The modern world has a way of convincing us that unless we are doing something every second of every minute of every day we aren’t really living and it betrays us by stealing an experience equally as important as motion.

The experience of standing still; being at total rest, in a place of total quiet and in that moment accepting that it is OK to just “be”.

It is during this time that we hear best the whisper of who is trying to reach us. The whisper of who we are, what we are and why we are. It is a chance for us to do a life check and make adjustments if necessary and regain our faith our hope and our charity.

While in Peru, home to Path of the Heart;  Meg Beeler wrote in her blog:

Most of each day is spent in silent meditation, contemplation, or writing. This rare opportunity for silence, combined with the absence of chit chat, shifts me into a deeper, more receptive place in myself.”

“At night, we gather on the verandah to sense the vastness that surrounds us. In starless, electricity-free darkness, we listen, smell, and breathe; the unseen takes form in the silence of our meditation.”

“I begin to experience “the profound silence of the interior light,” a heart fullness where everything is in alignment, and my spirit soars. I feel at one with the mystery of the cosmos, without fear.”

Listening to the profound silence of the interior light, we can walk the path of the shaman, the healer, and the mystic as we change the world.



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