Jeremiah’s House


2018 Campaign:

Home for Children in Ouest Haiti!

This 2018 campaign will allow the creation of a home for orphaned children in the Ouest Department of Haiti, 1 hour north of Port au Prince. The funds will be used to rent, furnish and staff a home for 6-8 children who are living on the streets or are living with family who cannot feed, clothe or educate them. The children will also have regular medical care, education provided (including tuition, uniforms and books), recreational activities, and opportunities to serve others.

Initial Cost Projection for Center: $35,000.00

About Jeremiah House:

The Jeremiah House dream of giving a home to Haitian orphans began in September 2017, when Berdy JeanMary returned to the United States for his second year of college, leaving friends and family in Haiti.  As a child who was orphaned by his father at age 11, Berdy was deeply loved by his mother but she could not feed all of her children, so he was sent to live with many different people.  Berdy understands the importance of stability, instilling Christian values, and love for children to be able to develop their gifts and grow with a sense of purpose for the future.