What’s Happening: “Where’s Marty”?

It’s official Marty has left the building. We launched the “Where’s Marty Campaign” on November 11th because he’s a Veteran and now you have another chance to transform an Orchid community by placing your bet during his six plus months of traveling around the globe.  You could win an Orchid T-shirt, an autographed photo of Marty himself or a vacation in Southern N.H. You can even get your message out on the presidents bald head. It’s easy. Just pick a level and place your tax deductible bet. Here are the two bets open for sponsors:

Answer to bet number one: (Where will Marty make landfall?) Panama 

Now Place Your Bets!!!!

Bet #2: What did Marty eat for Thanksgiving. (hint: It wasn’t Turkey and he’s in South America) 

Bet # 3: What sporting event will Marty’s see first? 

Place your tax-deductible bet