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Orchid sets it sights on a New School

  In 2015 Orchid is focusing a big part of our effort on helping our mission in India achieve it’s dream; to build a school for the Bhatt children of Jaipur and free them from the caste system that defines their lives. By definition a caste system is a class structure that is determined by birth. Loosely, [...]


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Three Years in the Making and Orchid’s Deliver

Its time to set the table and raise your glass to the long awaited dream come true for our mission in Albania because you made it possible. Back in 2011 Orchid spent time in Tirana with Altin Qefalia; the mission director of Experiment Albania. He shared his dream of one day building a volunteer house [...]


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Parachutes of Hope program receives $5000.00 Grant

  Orchid’s home grown Mission in Chester county PA received a $5000.00 grant in 2014 to deliver our addiction eradication program some of the funds it needs to provide life saving counseling to young people unable to afford this critical service. Parachutes was launched in 2013 by a single philanthropists dream to bring addiction services [...]


Orchid Lights Up a Solar Powered Classroom in Peru

  It’s no secret that Orchid has a laser focus on providing renewable energy to the men, women and children of the Andes. Thanks to the tireless work on the ground of Path of the Heart Peru (POTH) and the love and support of our board member Christine Robinson Hallenberg and all her California Orchid’s of [...]


An $8000.00 Grant keeps the Stars of India Shining

The Mission leaders; Jaideep and Emily Jahav, write: “Wow! This is quite a blessing. We have not yet dug the bore well, however we have put up a barb wire fence as a boundary around the property. Our contractor recommended not putting up a stone boundary wall until after building. This saved us close to [...]


“Julies Heart Mission” captures rain and quenches thirst

It didn’t take long thanks to a few Orchids of Light who wanted to help a community in Uganda harvest the rain and provide drinking water for the children who used to have to walk over 5 miles every day to find water. Mathew Biryomumeish; Director of the Katungu Village Project writes: “Hello to the [...]


13 Women owned businesses launched in Ethiopia

  Micro Savings Initiative Delivered with an Orchid $4800.00 Grant: $80.00 provided a micro savings grant to 20 women. Total goal $1600.00 Learn a Trade Empowerment: $200.00 purchased a sewing machine and supplies for 6 women. Total goal $1200.00 $500.00 purchased hairdressing equipment and supplies for 4 women. Total goal $2000.00 Thank You to all the Orchids of Light who made it [...]


The Same Heart closes in on release

Thanks in part to this springs $6000.00 grant The Same Heart is nearing production release. Len Morris, president of Media Voices for Children  recently updated Orchid with the positive news. Charlayne Hunter-Gault has been secured to narrate the landmark documentary. The Same Heart proposes a way to lift 1 billion of the worlds kids out of poverty.Thanks [...]

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“Orchids of Light Farm” open for Transformational Occupancy

Hummingbird Farm gets a new name and a new lease on life. Now she will try and help raise some of the money Orchid needs to keep transforming communities around the world. You can find her here on VRBO and reserve your wonderful getaway experience and transform the world at the same time. Set to [...]


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A new Throne Room for the Children of Cerete is completed!

  It didn’t take long for the men and women of Cerete to put Orchid’s $3000.00 grant to good use. The materials were purchased and the trucks arrived bringing hope and celebration with them. The gifts were unloaded as if it were Christmas and the Elves go to work!           Then [...]